Network Community Benefits

The RMX Network of communities is designed to provide solutions to Partner companies at every level of their business. Large or small; a wide range of services or a narrow scope of business—every company in The RMX Network will find a confidential community that connects them to people who are looking for the right answers to the most complicated of questions. It can be lonely out there, but our communities are designed to make your business better and easier to steer the tough waters of today’s industry. 


Owners and key executives can converse with each other on today’s business topics. You’ll find your counterpart across the country might have the answer to your question.


This community is designed to address sales questions and comments PLUS technical questions can be answered here as well.


Marketing and sales professionals can find new ideas, discuss current campaigns or find innovative ways to make marketing work better for your company.


In this community, this is where the “rubber meets the road” when it comes to getting the right technical answers to your questions. When technical professionals get together in this community, you’ll see how much they help each other to get answers to some very technical questions.


The color community is the place to go when graphics and color need clarification. Members of this community are considered to be color experts and know the value of collaboration.