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The RMX Network is proud of our association with many of the digital printing industry's best experts and forward-thinking companies. In fact, we’re so proud of these relationships that every year we present three awards to the professionals who best reflect the finest our industry has to offer.

Mike Duff Award

The Mike Duff Award was established in 2010 by the Board of Directors to honor an amazing pioneer in print who demonstrated outstanding leadership, dedication and loyalty to our industry. At every Spring Executive Conference, Partner companies vote to choose who they believe represents the spirit of Mike Duff and recognize this recipient The Mike Duff Award. This recognition is meant to embody his commitment to the vision and mission of The RMX Network. He believed that mentoring the next generation in the business was the key to keeping our industry alive. He was truly a pioneer in print. 

The past award recipients include:

  • 2023 Gary Wilbur
  • 2022 Rick Bosworth
  • 2021 Bryan Thomas
  • 2020 Wade Sparks
  • 2019 Steven Strooh
  • 2018 Mike Carter
  • 2017 Paul Fridrich
  • 2016 Guy Timothy
  • 2015 Joe Williamson
  • 2014 Sol Magid
  • 2013 Bill Thomas
  • 2012 Gene Klein
  • 2011 Cathie Cushing Duff


Partner of the Year Award

The Partner of the Year Award is an award voted on by our member companies and presented at the Fall Conference. This award is presented to the leading company that actively participates with and contributes to The RMX Network. They demonstrate technical process innovation/adaptation and employ generosity towards company employees, customers, community and the industry over the past year.

Some past Partner of the Year recipients include:

  • 2023 The Wide Format Company
  • 2022 Duncan-Parnell
  • 2021 Tree Towns Reprographics, Inc.
  • 2020 RS Knapp/Napco
  • 2019 HONBLUE
  • 2018 Rileys
  • 2017 Lynn Imaging/Monster Color
  • 2016 Callprint  
  • 2015 SBR/Vision Graphics  
  • 2014 TIE: Beeline and Blue, Capital Imaging
  • 2013 Duncan Parnell
  • 2012 Franklin Imaging
  • 2011 BluEdge
  • 2010 Kalblue and Treetowns Imaging and Graphics
  • 2009 BarkerBlue Digital Imaging and Graphic Resources
  • 2008 Cushing and CopyCat Print Shop
  • 2007 Thomas Printworks



Vendor of the Year Award

The Vendor of the Year Award is voted on by member companies to recognize strategic vendor partners who significantly impact The RMX Network Partner companies and our industry. They go the extra step and willingly take up the challenge of introducing new technologies and opening exciting new and creative channels for business professionals. We appreciate their investment in our industry.

Some past Vendor of the Year recipients include:

  • 2023 Grimco
  • 2022 Grimco
  • 2021 Grimco
  • 2020 EVOLVE Sales Group
  • 2019 Grimco
  • 2018 HP
  • 2017 HP
  • 2016 Synnex
  • 2015 Canon USA
  • 2014 HP
  • 2013 HP
  • 2012 Canon USA
  • 2011 National Azon
  • 2010 OpCenter
  • 2009 Canon CSA
  • 2008 Canon USA
  • 2007 OpCenter

A photo of Mike and Cathie Duff

Mike and Cathie Duff